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Ironman Brazil Preview

The 11th race goes this Sunday.

The defending champions (Tereza Macel and Luke McKenzie) won’t be back so we will see new winners at this Sunday’s Ironman Brazil.

With a number of past Ironman winners in the field it should be a competitive race.

Here are some of the top contenders for the title:

Eduardo Sturla, Oscar Galindez, Chris McDonald, Fernanda Keller, Amy Marsh, Lucie Zelenkova, and Hillary Biscay.

Calgary’s Sara Gross, will make her return to Ironman racing after giving birth six months ago. Find out about one of her “interesting” workouts as she prepared for Brazil here.

Live coverage will be available on Ironman.com

Pro Start List

2 ME ezequiel morales Argentina

3 ME santiago alves ascenço BRAZIL

4 ME eduardo sturla Argentina

5 ME oscar galindez Argentina

6 ME chris mcdonald UNITED STATES

7 ME antonio manssur filho BRAZIL

8 ME kelmerson henri buck BRAZIL

9 ME lucas cocha Argentina

10 ME ivan albano junior BRAZIL

11 ME santiago amigo Argentina

12 ME luiz francisco de paiva ferreira BRAZIL

13 ME guilherme valenza manocchio BRAZIL

14 ME mike schifferle Switzerland

15 ME brandon marsh UNITED STATES

16 ME richard wygand BRAZIL

17 ME frederico carvalho zacharias BRAZIL

18 ME keegan williams New Zealand

19 ME mario de elias Argentina

20 ME bonieck de souza clemente BRAZIL

61 FE fernanda keller BRAZIL

62 FE maria soledad omar Argentina

63 FE mariana borges de andrade BRAZIL

64 FE amanda balding Australia

65 FE alessandra rocio de carvalho BRAZIL

66 FE kelzie beebe UNITED STATES

67 FE amy marsh UNITED STATES

68 FE lucie zelenkova South Africa

69 FE sara gross CANADA

70 FE ana lidia borba BRAZIL

71 FE vanessa gianinni BRAZIL

72 FE federica maria frontini luvizio URUGUAY

74 FE mariana martins freire guimarĂ£es de mello BRAZIL

75 FE hillary biscay UNITED STATES

76 FE ariane gomes monticeli da silveira BRAZIL

78 FE silvia fusco BRAZIL