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Ironman 70.3 Florida & 70.3 Mallorca Preview

Ironman 70.3 Panama added for 2012.

It is a busy time in the Ironman 70.3 world. There are two races this weekend and one more race is added to the 2012 calendar.

Ironman 70.3 Mallorca Preview

On Saturday in Mallorca, Spain, the following professionals are scheduled to be on the start line:

1 Andreas Raelert MPRO GER (Germany)

2 Faris Al-Sultan MPRO GER (Germany)

3 Ronnie Schildknecht MPRO SUI (Switzerland)

4 Philip Graves MPRO GBR (Great Britain)

5 Michael Göhner MPRO GER (Germany)

6 Stephen Bayliss MPRO GBR (Great Britain)

7 Martin Jensen MPRO DEN (Denmark)

8 Bertrand Billard MPRO FRA (France)

9 Karl-Johan Danielsson MPRO SWE (Sweden)

10 Trevor Delsaut MPRO FRA (France)

11 Jonas Djurback MPRO SWE (Sweden)

12 Nicolas Fernandez MPRO FRA (France)

13 Nils Goerke MPRO GER (Germany)

14 Thomas Hellriegel MPRO GER (Germany)

15 Anssi Huttunen MPRO FIN (Finland)

16 Toby Jameson MPRO GBR (Great Britain)

17 Juha Laitinen MPRO FIN (Finland)

18 Horst Reichel MPRO GER (Germany)

19 Dmitry Rostyagaev MPRO RUS (Russia)

20 Craig Twigg MPRO GBR (Great Britain)

21 Patrick Wallimann MPRO SUI (Switzerland)

22 Alun Woodward MPRO GBR (Great Britain)

31 Erika Csomor FPRO HUN (Hungary)

32 Heleen Bij de Vaate FPRO NED (Netherlands)

33 Yvette Grice FPRO GBR (Great Britain)

34 Meike Krebs FPRO GER (Germany)

35 Nicole Woysch FPRO GER (Germany)

36 Anne Basso FPRO FRA (France)

37 Johanna Daumas FPRO FRA (France)

38 Sophie De Groote FPRO BEL (Belgium)

39 Susan Dietrich FPRO GER (Germany)

40 Silvia Felt FPRO GER (Germany)

41 Amy Kirkham FPRO CAN (Canada)

42 Merja Kiviranta FPRO FIN (Finland)

43 Venla Koivula FPRO FIN (Finland)

44 Dr Tamsin Lewis FPRO GBR (Great Britain)

45 Emma-Kate Lidbury FPRO GBR (Great Britain)

46 Francesca Tibaldi FPRO ITA (Italy)

47 Debbie Verstraeten FPRO BEL (Belgium)

48 Joyce Wolfe FPRO IRL (Ireland)

Ironman 70.3 Florida Preview

On Sunday, the USA’s Andy Potts, 2007 Ironman 70.3 World Champion, headlines the pro field along with fellow Americans Caitlin Snow and Heather Gollnick.

1 David Kahn USA

2 Maxim Kriat UKR

3 Andrew Castillo COL

5 Kirill Kotsegarov EST

6 Richard Wygand BRA

7 Julien Biboud CAN

8 Tim Snow USA

9 Nick Waninger USA

10 Logan Franks USA

11 Andrew Hodges USA

12 Justin Park USA

13 Kent Horner ZAF

14 Leandro Gonzalez Bonet ARG

15 Sebastian Pedraza ITA

16 Ryan Rau USA

17 Ethan Brown USA

18 Raymond Botelho USA

19 Mike Caiazzo USA

20 Chris Boudreaux USA

21 Stephen Hackett AUS

22 Rafael Troncoso CHILE

23 Stanislav Krylov RUS

24 Ian Mikelson USA

25 Tom Eickelberg USA

26 Brent Poulsen CAN

27 Kyle Pawlaczyk USA

28 James Cotter NZL

30 Jeff Tarkowski USA

31 Damon Barnett USA

32 Salvatore Cali VEN

33 Kevin Collington USA

34 James Duff USA

51 Monty Frankish AUS

52 Andy Potts USA

53 Reinaldo Oliveira BRA

54 Jimmy Archer USA

35 Caitlin Snow USA

36 Nina Kraft GER

37 Heather Gollnick USA

38 Fernanda Keller BRA

39 Kristin White USA

40 Heather Leiggi USA

42 Claire Horner ZAF

44 Talita Saab BRA

45 Annie Gervais CAN

46 Natasha Van der Merwe ZAF

47 Anna Cleaver NZL

48 Caroline Gregory USA

49 Jenny Fletcher USA

Ironman 70.3 Panama added for 2012

The newly introduced Ironman 70.3 Panama will take place on Sunday February 12, 2012.

Registration is open now and at an early entry rate of $199 USD which will be offered until Monday, May 16 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Visit the official website www.ironmanpanama.com for more details or to register.