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How effective is your bike hydration system?

Triathletes who race longer distances and during warm weather know the importance of a good bike hydration system that can carry you for the entire bike leg. While caged water bottles are always an option, the most convenient hydration systems are those that keep your fluids secure and easily accessible.

We’re a fan of the XLAB Torpedo Versa, an aerodynamic, aerobar hydration system and  that lets you sip while you ride with no fuss. With dual-water bottle capabilities, it gives you the choice between the tightly sealed Refill Bottle for race day or a standard bottle for training rides. No matter which you choose, the mount system makes sure your bike computer’s position isn’t compromised. It even offers a tilt option to avoid a glare on the screen. Switching between bottles is simple, as is adjusting your computer on the fly with the teliscoping mount. A flexible straw with a bite valve makes drinking a breeze.


One of the best features of the XLAB Torpedo Versa system is its Super-Sealed technology, which makes sure you won’t lose a drop of your hydration. The Refill Bottle is so tightly sealed that the XLAB folks demonstrated how even when shaken around and turned upside down, you won’t have a single leak. Check it out in this video.