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Hoffman and Kessler win the final Ironman St. George

Canada's Clayton took fourth, and O'Meara seventh.

Americans Ben Hoffman and Meredith Kessler won today’s third and final edition of Ironman St. George.

The men’s race witnessed an exciting two-man battle between Hoffman (2010 Ironman Lake Placid Champion), and Germany’s Maik Twelsiek (2009 Ironman Lake Placid Champion). In a virtual dead heat after the swim (Hoffman – 52:44, Twelsiek – 52:42) and bike (Hoffman – 5:10:01, Twelsiek – 5:10:35), Hoffman put his stamp on the race and his second Ironman title with a 3:01:24 marathon (versus 3:18:23 by Twelsiek) to cross the line in 9:07:04. Twelsiek came in next (9:25:58), and Belgium’s Axel Zeebroek finished third (9:35:33). Victoria’s Adam O’Meara salvaged his day with a 3:13:44 run to finish seventh (10:08:10).

Pro Men

1. Hoffman, Ben 9:07:04

2. Twelsiek, Maik 9:25:58

3. Zeebroek, Axel 9:35:33

4. Gerlach, Thomas 9:49:00

5. Sheeks, Matthew 9:52:03

7. Adam O’Meara CAN 10:08:10

Kessler, the pre-race favourite, lived up to that billing and earned her third Ironman title (she won her second at this year’s Ironman New Zealand where the swim was cancelled) with relative ease. The 2010 Ironman Canada Champion established a huge lead after the swim (52:42) and was never under any serious threat afterwards. She added a 5:57:14 bike, and 3:18:58 run to cross the finish line in 10:12:59. Fellow American Jessie Donavan finished second (10:37:30) but surrendered over 26 minutes to Kessler after the swim. Germany’s Uli Bromme placed third (10:53:20). Vancouver’s Gillian Clayton struggled with the swim and bike but clocked the top marathon of 3:15:13 to finish fourth among the pro women (11:15:38).

Pro Women

1. Kessler, Meredith 10:12:59

2. Donavan, Jessie 10:37:30

3. Bromme, Uli 10:53:20

4. Clayton, Gillian CAN 11:15:38

5. Spitler, Erin 11:16:42

Canadian Age Groupers in the Top 5

4th Sandquist, Jason M40-44 10:28:22

5th Cann, Stephen M35-39 10:20:18

5th Maley, Joel M25-29 10:20:38

5th Nicholl, Andrew M18-24 11:36:09