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Gina Crawford and Dylan McNeice control Challenge Wanaka

Crawford crushes and breaks the course record.

New Zealand’s Gina Crawford and Dylan McNeice both led from start to finish at Challenge Wanaka today.

Crawford won her fifth Challenge Wanaka title with a masterful performance. She was out in front the whole way, posting a 59:14 swim, 5:08:30 bike, and 3:11:07 run to cross the finish line in 9:24:31. Crawford ended up winning by 19:50 and breaking her own course record by 4 minutes! Kiwis Candice Hammond came in next (9:44:22), followed by Joanna Lawn (9:44:30).

McNeice started the day with a race-leading swim of 47:56, biked 4:58:14, which was good enough to stay in front as he entered T2. He added a 2:59:59 marathon to stay in front for the win (8:51:18). Fellow Kiwis Jamie Whyte grabbed second (8:55:43), and third went to Australian Chris McCormack (8:58:05).

Women Men
1. Gina Crawford 9:24:31

2. Candice Hammond 9:44:22

3. Jo Lawn 9:44:30

4. Simone Maier 9:51:23

5. Tamsyn Hayes 10:21:04

1. Dylan McNeice 8:51:18

2. Jamie Whyte 8:55:43

3. Chris McCormack 8:58:05

4. Keegan Williams 8:59:50

5. Bryan Rhodes 9:04:12