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Get ready for a TriStar Weekend

End of season celebration with special deals and announcements.

Through the upcoming weekend, TriStar is going to introduce several novelties, offer special deals and unveil the 2013 event calendar. This is to celebrate the end of the season with all 7,500 triathletes who raced the fun format of the triathlon in 2012.

With a focus on the successful and innovative TriStar111 format (1km swim, 100km bike and 10km run), TriStar Weekend is going to be held the upcoming weekend which includes the “TriStar date” 11.11. New race dates will be confirmed for the 2013 season and special deals will be offered to the TriStar fans worldwide. Amongst other news, TriStar launches an Age Group Ambassador Casting starting on Sunday and offers exclusive deals such as a three race package at a very special price.

Over 7,500 athletes participated in TriStar races this year, which is almost a double of 4,000 registered participants in 2011. To celebrate this fact, TriStar wants to share with the entire Triathlon community the new 2013 dates for the already confirmed events and show its strong commitement to offer high-quality fun events around its most succesful format, TriStar111, officially recognized by the ITU. “Our focus especially in 2013 will absolutely be on our 111 format since we believe that this is our strong leg and it is also appreciated very much by the athletes participating in these events. Nevertheless, our aim is to reinstall our long distance format, the TriStar222 again in a perfect destination and also keep attracting more and more new triathletes due to the shorteners TriStar33.3, TriStar55.5, StarKids… We also keep the focus on quality and innovation” said Georg Hochegger, Star Events CEO and Chairman.

Amongst other surprises to be released during the weekend, TriStar is presenting the new dates for its already cofirmed events in 2013 to kick-off the new season (more dates and new destinatinos coming in next weeks!):

07.04.13          ESP      TriStar55.5 & 111 Mallorca

14.04.13          FRA     TriStar55.5 & 111 Cannes

09.06.13          AUT     TriStar55.5 & 111 Salzkammergut

30.06.13          FRA     TriStar55.5& 111 Lyon

04.08.13          EST      TriStar11.1, 33.3 & 111 Estonia

01.09.13          MON    TriStar111 Monaco

The third edition of TriStar Mallorca on 7 April is shifting the start the European triathlon season to an early date! Just one week later, on 14 April, Cannes will host for the second time a real movie-star race, this year in a new, more convenient setting! TriStar Salzkammergut in Austria will offer an impressive course in one of the most beautiful natural areas in Europe on 9 June. TriStar Lyon, 30 June, will attract many triathletes to the exclusive district of La Confluence in the heart of the gastronomy capital of France. Through the first weekend of August, Otepää is going to host the fourth TriStar Estonia, set up as a unique triathlon festival; and TriStar Monaco, the Formula 1 of the triathlon and the flag-ship of this international series, will bring on 1 September its dose of glamour, celebrities and passion to the world of triathlon.


Star Events celebrates the TriStar Weekend (11.11.), with many fun contests, raffles and games to win free entries for 2013 TriStar races and other presents on Twitter (@stareventsintl) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/StarEvents). On Sunday, TriStar launches as well a special Age Group Ambassador Casting. The newly found TriStar Ambassador will represent the brand throughout the 2013. The votes will be attributed partly by the Ambassadors Committee (jury consisting of official TriStar Ambassadors and Pro Athletes) and partly by TriStar followers on Facebook. The selection will be closed on 11 January and the name of the new TriStar Ambasador will be announced soon afterwards. This new age group representative of the fun format will benefit from free TriStar entries, a full race pack for the Monaco event, equipment and gear from TriStar partners, and other surprises! All triathletes can apply.

Moreover, on the TriStar Weekend, athletes will be able to benefit from limited offers and deals such as a three races package at a very special price. More info on www.tristarseries.com. “The last year has been moving for Star Events. Many things went really well but we also met with some challenges. These are the points we are working on and want to improve for the next season. We made a long way already in a relatively short time- just 3 years, and we aim to keep growing and growing.” said Georg Hochegger.

Registrations for these events has already started on the official website: www.tristarseries.com