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Frodeno out of Ironman World Championship in Kona

Bike accident has forced three-time Kona champ to undergo surgery in his hip

Photo by: Ingo Kutsche

Jan Frodeno has pulled out of the Ironman World Championship in Kona – he just posted a video on his Instagram account from his hotel room after surgery to deal with an infection caused by a bike crash a few weeks ago.

“It’s always tricky to try and heal a wound and maintain a training schedule of 35 hours a week,” he said. “The tissue around my trochanter (hip) got infected … and required surgery. It requires between two and five surgeries. I had my first surgery on Thursday. It puts an end to my Kona dreams for 2022 and its given me a stop to what’s been a very tricky few months. It gives me a chance to reset and plan for what will be my final 14 months in the sport.”

Frodeno, who turns 41 in a few days, says that he’s still very motivated to compete through the end of next season.

“I am still burning, too passionate … I truly still love the game,” he said. “Roth has shown me that I can still perform.”

Frodeno says that he’ll take some time to rest and recover, then resume his training.


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