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Follow Friends and Family Racing The Challenge Family Race Series

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The Challenge Family Race Series has been building momentum over the last few years, and with the addition of a number of North America races to its circuit, triathletes from the US and Canada are catching on to the excitement. On Friday, the Challenge Family launched an elaborate social media platform for racers and their fans. When the 6, 000 triathletes registered for Challenge races in North America this season are ready to race, they will be bolstered by additional support of personalized notices and social networking through the series’ partnership with Athletepath. By staying connected throughout their training and racing, athletes at Challenge Penticton, Challenge St. Andrews, Challenge Atlantic City, and Challenge Rancho Cordova will be able to feel the presence of those fans who might not be able to make it race-side.

“Athletepath is dedicated to connecting athletes and all of their friends to their favorite events.  Additionally, we have a history of helping over 80 per cent of events realize double-digit growth, increased community engagement, and in many cases sell-out months earlier than ever before. Our partnership with Challenge Triathlon is wonderfully aligned for Athletepath because both companies are so dedicated to providing a superior experience for athletes”  explains David Embree, Athletepath Founder & CEO.

Friends and family will be notified via text, email or social media updates when the race starts, as their athlete tackles the course and finally crosses the line. Throughout their race, each supporter can publish “high fives,” “hugs” and write messages of encouragement to athletes directly through Athletepath.

“In today’s connected environment, athletes are looking for avenues to share their inspiration, camaraderie, and motivation with friends, family and fans through social media. Athletepath offers unprecedented opportunity for social connectivity providing a transformative event experience. Challenge Family North America is excited to join with Athletepath to bring this new dimension of engagement to our athletes and their families.”  – Murphy Reinschreiber, Challenge North America.