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First look: Garmin unveils new running watches, Connect update

Forerunner235-Series_HR_30265Leading running watch maker Garmin rolled out three new GPS watches on Wednesday.

The Forerunner 230, 235 and 630 will feature nice improvements on Garmin’s current roster, the 220, 225 and 620.

All three models have a 44 per cent improvement on the visual real estate and luminescence of the display without adding bulk. And although the press release doesn’t make it clear, the images suggest that these three new models maintain the slim watch face design that came with the 220 and 620. That’d be welcome news for those that found the 230 a bit bulky.

Forerunner 235 – a lean, mean optical heart rate reading machine

The 230 will come with an optional ANT+ chest strap heart rate monitor. The 235 picks up where the revolutionary 230 left off – featuring a baked-in optical wrist heart rate monitor.

The Garmin Forerunner 630

Forerunner 630 – all about analytics

The 630 will become Garmin’s most advanced running watch ever. It will be able to dive even deeper into a runner’s performance, calculating stride length, vertical ratio (essentially, how high your stride is and whether or not its optimal for you) and lactate threshold. It can also provide impressive metrics that evaluate your performance in a workout in relation to your baseline fitness, as well as a “stress score,” which will tie-in the 630’s activity track data with how well or poorly you’ve performed.

All three models will also be able to deliver VO2 Max scores.

Garmin has also given a facelift to their Connect interface, improving the UI and prettying up the overall design.Garmin Connect

All three Forerunner watches will be available in the coming weeks.