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Fast racing expected at Ironman 70.3 Austin and Miami

Ironman 70.3 Austin and Miami

On Sunday October 27, many of the top professionals of the triathlon world have assembled at Ironman 70.3 Austin and Miami to get in some late season racing and an early opportunity to score points towards the KPR (Kona Pro Rankings) – the pro athletes have from August 31st , 2013 and August 24, 2014 to accumulate their 5 highest scoring races.

Ironman 70.3 Austin – Defending champs return for an indoor finish

The day starts with a 1.2-mile, one-loop swim in Decker Lake, a recreational freshwater lake located at Walter E. Long Park. Following the swim, athletes continue their day with a scenic one-loop, 56-mile bike ride passing through rolling Texas farmlands, complete with expansive ranches, cedar-covered vistas, sunflower fields and prickly pear cacti. The bike portion concludes at Luedecke Arena where athletes will kick off their three-loop half marathon. Taking athletes back to Walter E. Long Park and along the shores of Decker Lake, spectators will be able to cheer their athletes on as they re-enter the Travis County Expo Center and finish their day inside the Luedecke Arena. There are 40 qualifying Age Group slots and 4 Collegiate slots for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec.

Andy Potts and Vancouver’s Rachel McBride return to defend their titles amidst a competitive pro field.

Pro Men

1 Potts Andy USA MPRO

2 Hoffman Ben USA MPRO

3 Cunningham Richie AUS MPRO

4 McDonald Chris AUS MPRO

5 Langfield Andrew USA MPRO

10 Thompson Nicholas USA MPRO

12 Kahn David USA MPRO

13 Litwora Dan USA MPRO

14 Gardner Allen USA MPRO

15 Furtado Raul BRA MPRO

16 Bjalkemo George SWE MPRO

17 Cotter James NZL MPRO

18 Scott Drew USA MPRO

19 Saroni Mark USA MPRO

20 Franks Logan USA MPRO

21 O’Bryan Brady USA MPRO

22 Killam Nathan CAN MPRO

23 Zawaski Steven USA MPRO

24 Milam Jared USA MPRO

25 Roche Graeme CAN MPRO

26 Vondracek Jesse USA MPRO

27 Gronlund Timo FIN MPRO

28 Chrabot Matt USA MPRO

29 Poulsen Brent CAN MPRO

30 Kilshaw Stephen CAN MPRO

31 Serrano Francisco MEX MPRO

32 Hadley James USA MPRO

34 Wade Robbie IRL MPRO

35 Hall Benson USA MPRO

36 Bretscher Daniel USA MPRO

37 Sterghos Nicholas USA MPRO

38 Santos Raphael BRA MPRO

39 Butsko Keith USA MPRO

40 Bohach Adam USA MPRO

41 ONeil Michael USA MPRO

42 Seng Brad USA MPRO

43 Schuster Patrick USA MPRO

44 Umphenour Joe USA MPRO

45 Chevrot Denis FRA MPRO

46 O’Brady Colin USA MPRO

47 Dressel Nate USA MPRO

Female Pro

52 McBride Rachel CAN WPRO

53 Keat Rebekah AUS WPRO

54 Piampiano Sarah USA WPRO

55 Lentzke Jennifer USA WPRO

56 Gross Sara CAN WPRO

57 Smith Jessica USA WPRO

58 McLane Mandy USA WPRO

59 Huse Sue CAN WPRO

60 Phipps Helen USA WPRO

61 Meyers Jessica USA WPRO

63 Kehoe Danielle USA WPRO

64 Javens Amy USA WPRO

65 Capone Lauren USA WPRO

66 Radle Shannon USA WPRO

68 Ritchie Tami USA WPRO

69 Wernick Charisa USA WPRO

70 Blakemore Katy USA WPRO

71 Ribes Lisa USA WPRO

72 Garcia Maria VEN WPRO

73 Tobey Kristyn USA WPRO

74 Tetrick Jennifer USA WPRO

75 Harrison Lauren USA WPRO

76 Chong Jessica USA WPRO

77 Meyers Katya USA WPRO

78 Bugdol Ewa POL WPRO

79 Brennan Morrey Ruth USA WPRO


Ironman 70.3 Miami – Champions to race

This race offers a unique opportunity to swim in the protected waters of Biscayne Bay, bike through downtown on the way to the Florida Everglades Park, and run along the Atlantic Ocean to take in the sights of Miami. There are 40 qualifying slots to the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec.

Reigning Ironman World Champion Mirinda Carfrae is expected to race along with her husband to be Tim O’Donnell. They will be joined by a number of the top athletes in triathlon.  Terenzo Bozzone and Leanda Cave are back to defend their titles.

In addition, six-time Ultraman World Champion Alexandre Ribeiro joins the field along with Indy 500 Champion Tony Kanaan.

Pro Men

1 Terenzo Bozzone MPRO

2 Matt Reed MPRO

3 Luke Mckenzie MPRO

4 Ben Hoffman MPRO

5 Viktor Zyemtsev MPRO

6 Kevin Collington MPRO

7 Manuel Huerta MPRO

8 Ludovic Le Guellec MPRO

9 Jonathan Alzate Ramrez MPRO

10 Andres Castillo Latorre MPRO

11 Trevor Delsaut MPRO

12 Guilherme Manocchio MPRO

13 Rinalds Sluckis MPRO

14 Arturo Garza MPRO

15 Simone Calamai MPRO

16 Denis Giovannetti MPRO

17 David Bardi MPRO

18 Richard Allen MPRO

19 Pieter Heemeryck MPRO

20 Tony Puglia MPRO

21 Bruno Pais MPRO

22 Oscar Galindez MPRO

23 Jonathan Tryoen MPRO

24 Caio Ferreira MPRO

25 Jack Smith MPRO

26 Nicolas Hemet MPRO

27 David Plese MPRO

28 Daniel Soper MPRO

29 Lucas Cocha MPRO

30 Nils Frommhold MPRO

31 Ritchie Nicholls MPRO

32 Andrew Russell MPRO

33 Frank Silvestrin MPRO

34 Marc Duelsen MPRO

35 Ben Collins MPRO

36 Simon Langvad MPRO

37 Timothy O’Donnell MPRO

38 Leon Griffin MPRO

39 Todd Skipworth MPRO

40 Christian Ravn MPRO

42 Adriano Sacchetto MPRO

43 Steven Rosinski MPRO

44 Michael Davidson MPRO

45 Yvan Jarrige MPRO

46 Bryan Rhodes MPRO

47 Felipe Manente MPRO

48 Filip Ospaly MPRO

Pro Women

49 Erin Miller FPRO

50 Leanda Cave FPRO

51 Mary Ellis FPRO

52 Emma-Kate Lidbury FPRO

53 Magali Tisseyre FPRO

54 Erika Csomor FPRO

55 Nina Kraft FPRO

56 Marie Danais FPRO

57 Gisele Bertucci FPRO

58 Stephanie Jones FPRO

59 Tine Holst FPRO

60 Mariana Andrade FPRO

61 Katrien Verstuyft FPRO

62 Caroline St-Pierre FPRO

63 Kirsty Smith FPRO

64 Anna Cleaver FPRO

65 Karen Thibodeau FPRO

66 Lisa Mensink FPRO

67 Mirinda Carfrae FPRO

68 Amber Ferreira FPRO

69 Allison Stewart FPRO

70 Helle Frederiksen FPRO

71 Michelle Mighdoll FPRO

72 Mandy Mclane FPRO

73 Svetlana Blazevic FPRO

74 Eimear Mullan FPRO

75 Anna Lidia Borba FPRO