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Exotic Race: Nepal’s Himalayan Rush Triathlon


Triathletes seeking an exotic adventure should check out the Himalayan Rush Triathlon in Nepal, taking place at the end of March every year.

488215_527743833933526_822484938_n-1The Himalayan Rush Triathlon is quickly growing as a destination race for triathletes around the world. Its first race in 2012 had 30 local participants but it has grown to attract triathletes from as far as North America since its debut. Last year, Nepal was struck with a devastating earthquake. With the help of the ITU, the country has been on a path of steady recovery seeking to grow its┬átriathlon scene to match the┬ásport’s expansion all over Asia.

Triathletes start with a swim in beautiful Begnas Lake in Pokhara. The race switches up the classic triathlon road bike leg to take advantage of Nepal’s geography. Triathletes get to test their mountain bike skills on a tough, hilly course with stunning background scenery. It offers sprint and standard distance races, with a duathlon, relay, and 5K run option for family members and travel companions who want to get involved without participating in a full triathlon.

The organizers also want to use the race to promote healthy, active lifestyles within Nepal. As a way of thanking and giving back to the local community at Begnas, we work with our medical partners DKSF (Dr. Khagendra Sport Foundation) to host a free health camp for the locals one day prior to the event,” they explained.

This year’s race is coming up quickly, on March 26th. If you love adventure and want to try an unconventional and independent triathlon, the Himalayan Rush is one to consider for next year. Organizers have included all the necessary tourist information about travel and accommodation on the race’s website.