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Exclusive Simon Whitfield Crash Pictures

Whitfield confirms a broken collarbone and apologizes to Chacon.

By now we all know about Simon Whitfield’s disappointing crash in yesterday’s London Olympic Men’s Triathlon.

Today, Whitfield confirmed by twitter that he has a broken collarbone to go along with this stitched right big toe, and assorted cuts and bruises to his knees and shin.

“Broken collarbone confirm. Small break, not displaced but Mark and Adam won medals so I’m smiling. Off to the park,” tweeted Whitfield.

He also apologized to Costa Rica’s Leonardo Chacon for causing him to go down with him.

“I saw Leonardo Chacon in the village and gave him a big hug, apologized for taking him out. He’s got a very sore hip but smiling.”

Triathlon Magazine Canada secured some photos of the crash aftermath.

As you’ll notice in the pictures above, Whitfield, always looking to make the best of a bad situation, after being bandaged up by the motorcycle ambulance staff he offered to drive the motorcycle. He didn’t take Whitfield up on the offer.

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