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Epic Dartmouth Triathlon awarded ITU World’s Qualifying Spots

The race goes June 30th in Nova Scotia.

EPIC Dartmouth Triathlon has ITU World’s Qualifying Spots to join Team Canada 2014 in Weihai, China!

EPIC Dartmouth’s Male and Female Age Group Champions for 2013 will be again eligible to claim their spot on Team Canada for the ITU World Long-Course Championships – this year, the 2014 ITU Long-course World Championships in Weihai, China.

The competition distance for these World’s Qualifying Spots will be: 3.8k swim, 180k bike, and a 21.1k run (our EPIC distance), and the Age Groups are in 5 year increments, with the exception of the 18-19 year age group (20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, etc…).

New for this year, ALL competitors at both the EPIC and IRON distances will be in contention for these Team Canada slots, as our timing mats will be set up so the mid point of the IRON distance run will be exactly the EPIC distance, so all entered athletes will be ranked on their 3.8k/ 180k/ 21.1k times for the purpose of Team Canada selection.

Please note that since these World’s Qualifying Spots spots are for a competition in 2014, your Age Group to qualify for Team Canada 2014 will be based your age as of Dec 31st 2014, and may be different than the Age Group you are competing in for EPIC Dartmouth 2013.

If you complete EPIC Dartmouth with a top Age Group finish, go to www.triathloncanada.com and register for your spot on the 2013 team by completing the on-line registration (see registration time lines on the Triathlon Canada website).

If you didn’t win your Age Group, there is still a possibility you can get a spot on the team through the “Roll-Down” process. Register on-line with Triathlon Canada to let them know you are interested in being part of the 2014 Age Group Triathlon World Championship Team in Weihai, China. If the spot you’re vying for does not get “claimed” – the spot is offered to next highest finishing athlete who has requested a spot on the team.

Just for clarity, ITU World’s Qualifying Spots can only be earned by residents of the country where the Qualifying Spots are awarded, so you must be Canadian citizen or Landed Immigrant to win these spots on Team Canada at EPIC Dartmouth 2013.

Find out more at register at Epic Dartmouth.