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Dmitruk and Schuler win The Canadian Iron 226 in Ottawa

Hellard and Samson win the Iron 113.

Athletes had to deal with a mixed bag of weather conditions today in Ottawa. The day began with cool temperatures, a slight breeze and sunny skies, but it soon changed to overcast, some rain and winds in excess of 35 km/hr for the rest of the day. Suddenly a flat and fast course became much more challenging.

Ottawa’s Barry Dmitruk took the overall win in the Iron 226 Triathlon with a time of 9:56:31. His top bike split of 5:12:24 created enough of a lead to stay away from Kevin Willis (10:05:48), also of Ottawa. Another Ottawa athlete won the women’s race. Michelle Schuler’s top women’s marathon of 3:56:53 shut down the hopes of all the other women as she crossed the line in 11:47:42, ahead of Vicky Boivin (12:14:07) of Kelowna.

Iron 226 record holder, Rick Hellard, captured first place in the Iron 113 Triathlon. Hellard led from the swim and no one was able to chase the Ottawa local down (4:27:21), His closest challenge came from Ottawa’s Peter Konecny (4:30:41) won ran a race best half marathon (1:25:57). Summerstown’s Caroline Samson won the women’s race in 5:11:04. Her 1:43:06 half marathon enabled her to edge out Kanata’s Laurel Johnson (5:13:34).

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Iron 226

Top 3 Men

1. Barry Dmitruk (Ottawa, ON)  9:56:31

2. Kevin Willis (Ottawa, ON)  10:05:48

3. Craig Sheckler (Emmaus, PA, USA)  10:25:47

Top 3 Women

1. Michelle Schuler (Ottawa, ON)  11:47:42

2. Vicky Boivin (Kelowna, BC)  12:14:07

3. Selina Humnycki (Calgary, AB)  12:40:56

Iron 113

Top 3 Men

1. Rick Hellard (Ottawa, ON)  4:27:21

2. Peter Konecny (Ottawa, ON)  4:30:41

3. Herman Sainz (Montreal, QC) 4:35:23

Top 3 Women

1. Caroline Samson (Summerstown, ON)  5:11:04

2. Laurel Johnson (Kanata, ON)  5:13:34

3. Nathalie Theberge (Sorel-tracy, QC)  5:16:38