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Deauville and Berlin will join TriStar World Series in 2012

Deauville in June, Berlin in July.

Two new destinations have already been confirmed for 2012, as the international triathlon series TriStar continues to grow. Deauville and Berlin have been added to a list of other 10 destinations across the world and just like the rest of TriStar111 races, they will bring the new and exciting format to a large number of athletes. TriStar33.3 Deauville and TriStar111 Deauville will be held on June 17 in this popular touristic destination situated in Normandy, northwest France. Deauville is a unique place providing athletes with many possibilities to spend their free time. The inaugural TriStar111 Berlin will be held only two weeks later. The German capital will host a special event (drafting being allowed) in the surroundings of the central Tempelhof airport. The finish line itself is located directly at the airstrip. In both races is possible to compete in a Relay Team of 2 or 3 members, an ideal option to introduce new athletes in the triathlon world.

TriStar111 & TriStar33.3 Deauville

The June 17 will be an exceptional day for Normandy. The region will host its first international triathlon ever. Deauville will become part of the World Series and welcome participants of two TriStar events: TriStar111 Deauville and TriStar33.3 Deauville. The competition will start with a 1km swim departing from the famous Deauville Beach, followed by a 100km biking part, exploring the sights of the Côte Fleurie. The run course and the finish line are located in the heart of the town, well known for being one of the most glamorous seaside resorts of France. TriStar111 will share the stage with TriStar33.3. The shorter format consists of 300m swim, 30km bike section and 3km run.

“For the first time, a major international triathlon will be held in Normandy. Deauville could become in a very short period of time a renowned sports event destination in the international community of triathletes, and be a reference in France for both professionals and amateurs. It will be a real sport festival!” says Gregory Brussot, director of Exaequo, co-organizer of the race with StarEvents. “Deauville is a magical destination in France and will be the perfect complement to our other nearby destinations such as TriStar Lyon and TriStar Monaco. Our goal is to create a high quality event for the triathletes, that offers much more than just a race,” says Laurent Gauthier, president of Star Production SARL, owner of the TriStar brand.

Deauville is a destination famous for its promenade, vast beaches, luxurious hotels, a casino as well as for being an international convention center and hosting international events such as the Festival of American Cinema and the Women’s Forum.

TriStar111 Berlin

TriStar111 Berlin will take place on July 1, within and around the premises of a former airport – Tempelhof. The first 1,000 meters will be swum in the Spree River around the “Island of Youth” (Insel der Jugend) in Treptow Park, located in the eastern part of Berlin. Five laps of the 100km long bike track will take participants to the west, to the central Tempelhof airport. The final run of 10km consists of one lap on the runway asphalt and the entrance to the Hasenheide Park. The finish area will be located on the asphalt of the old airport (now closed to the air traffic), where commercial and cargo aircrafts used to land. The event, which could not be realized in 2011, will now become the second race in Germany following the TriStar Worms-Germany, and it aims to attract a large number of athletes in one of the countries with the longest triathlon tradition and many participants in this sport.

“Berlin is a great destination to organize a triathlon with a TriStar111 format. It will be a very fun and fast race with drafting allowed, ideal to enjoy. This way we want to offer a new race experience and we hope that the athletes will pick it up as positively as they did during the TriStar Madrid race. Berlin will also attract many other athletes who are preparing for long-distance races, because it can be a perfect training for them because of the easy recovery distances,” asserts Georg Hochegger, Star Producton CEO. “Berlin has everything to host a TriStar race: perfect infrastructures, it’s easy to travel there and it is definitely a place worth a visit! Being able to organize a triathlon race in Berlin is amazing, and it’s a brilliant opportunity for triathletes from around the globe to visit Germany’s history-charged capital,” says Mark Milde, race director from SCC EVENTS.

TriStar Berlin will be co-organized by SCC EVENTS company with a long and prestigious history in development of high quality events for a large number of participants. Other major events organized by the SCC EVENTS are BMW BERLIN MARATHON with over 40,000 running and 7,000 skating participants, VATTENFALL BERLIN HALF MARATHON with more than 28,000 runners, or Berliner Wasserbetriebe Team Relay with over 20,000 registered relay teams.

TheTriStar label is owned by Star Production SARL, a Monaco based company specializing in organizing high quality sports events that are focused on fun, social responsibility and environmental protection. The TriStar Series has grown to 21 races in these 12 destinations in less than three years: Split (Croatia), Nevis (St.Kitts and Nevis), Mallorca (Spain), Madrid (Spain), Worms-Germany (Germany), Deauville (France), Berlin (Germany), Lyon (France), Estonia-Otepää (Estonia), Minnesota (USA), Monaco (Monaco) and Sardinia (Italy). TriStar has introduced new distances to the sport of triathlon (A/N: 111km and 222km), officially recognized by ITU, as well as a new Team Racing Concept T5. More Info: www.tristarseries.com and www.star-events.cc

TriStar Deauville: www.tristardeauville.com June 17, 2012

TriStar Berlin: www.tristar-berlin.com July 1, 2012