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Convert your road bike with PRO Missile Evo clip-on aero bars


Clip-on aero bars are one of the best pieces of equipment a triathlete can buy. For beginners, they’re an affordable way to get into the sport. Triathlon bikes are considerably more expensive than road bikes. Before you make the commitment to invest in a tri bike, reap the benefits of the aero position with this affordable adaptation. Even for the seasoned triathlete or cyclist, clip-on aero bars give you the option of riding in an aggressive aero position on your road bike in training or a hillier race.

The PRO Missile Evo clip-on aero bars have two mounting options — on top of the bar and under, which is a unique feature.  This gives you flexibility with their height. The bars are ski-bend style, which many triathletes prefer to straight bars. They’re comfortable to grip and feel stable. Weighing in at just 400 grams, the carbon poles are lighter than many aero bars meaning only minimal extra weight on your bike. The armpads’ width on the bar is adjustable, so you can customize them to fit your comfort.

Credit: PRO
Credit: PRO

The microfibre-covered foam armpads are comfortable and use velcro to stick onto the the plates. This means you can easily take them off for washing. Unlike with some aero bars, the pads themselves aren’t adjustable in shape but they’re wide and thick enough to feel comfortable in aero position even for a long ride or on rougher road.