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Consider the XTERRA Team Competition

The XTERRA Canada team cleaned up at the XTERRA West Championship.

Next time you compete at an XTERRA event maybe you should add to the fun and consider dragging a few friends along to make a team to take part in the team competition. Everyone still races individually, but maybe everyone will go just a bit faster so they won’t let their team down.

The squad of XTERRA Canada won the XTERRA Team competition at the West Championship earlier this month, with Mike Cabigon (35-39) and Cal Zaryski (40-44) leading the way with division wins. Other scoring members included Ryan Schellenberg (30-34) and Darren Robinson (40-44). The XTERRA Ambassador squad finished second, boosted by age group wins from Todd Gottfried (45-49) and Hannah Rae Finchamp (15-19).

View the results below and how the team competition works.


Name Division Place Pts + Total
Cal Zaryski 40-44 1 100 23 123
Mike Cabigon 35-39 1 100 30 130
Ryan Schellenberg 30-34 3 82 25 107
Darren Robinson 40-44 4 75 23 98
357 101 458
Name Division Place Pts + Total
Anthony Snoble 35-39 8 53 30 83
Cliff Millemann 50-54 3 82 16 98
Hannah Rae Finchamp 15-19 1 100 2 102
Todd Gottfried 45-49 1 100 15 115
335 63 398

Team Scoring: Teams can enter up to six athletes but just the top four athlete scores will count.¬† Teams must count scores from amateur athletes representing at least three different divisions (all men, all women, co-ed, it doesn’t matter so long as you don’t have more than two scorers in the 30-34 men’s division, as an example).

Teams can enter as many 4-person teams as they wish.Teams must hand Dave Nicholas the names and age groups of your six designated racers prior to the race start.

Each of the teams designated racers will be scored on their finishing position in their division with points as follows: 1st (100), 2nd (90), 3rd (82), 4th (75), 5th (69), 6th (63), 7th (58), 8th (53), 9th (49), 10th (45), 11th (41), 12th (37), 13th (34), 14th (31), 15th (28).