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C’mon … 100 full-distances in a row isn’t enough! The Iron Cowboy does one more

After setting a new record on Tuesday, James Lawrence did one more for good measure on Wednesday

Photo by: James Lawrence Instagram

For a guy who said he was looking forward to a chance to sleep in, James Lawrence has a very different concept of a late morning than the rest of us. The day after the 45-year-old Canadian set a new record with 100 full-distance races in 100 days, the man known as the “Iron Cowboy” headed out for yet another long effort yesterday.

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“Life has its way of throwing things at you,” he wrote in another Instagram post. “I promise you, you can do one more. And sometimes that one more requires you do it alone and that’s not always a bad thing.”

Photo: ironcowboy.com

Lawrence completed the bonus full-distance effort in a shade over 15 hours – 1:23:46 for the 3.8 km swim, 6:11:43 for the 180 km bike and 7:36:42 for the 42.2 km marathon run. His comment listed on his website after the effort?

“I’m pretty tired… I think I’ll go home now.”

Photo: James Lawrence Instagram

For those who are worried he might have headed out again today, the label for today’s effort is very simple: “Recovery.”