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Chrissie Wellington regrets including Armstrong’s foreword in her book

She also wants Lance to stay away from triathlon.

Chrissie Wellington, the 13-time undefeated ironman distance Champion, and four-time Ironman World Champion (2011, 2009, 2008, 2007), stated in the UK’s The Sun, that she regrets including Lance Armstrong’s foreword in her book A Life Without Limits.

Wellington is encouraging book owners to rip out Lance’s foreword or to cross it out with a permanent marker.

“When Federal prosecutors dropped their investigation in February 2012, I finally agreed to include his foreword. This decision was a mistake, and one that I deeply regret. If I could turn the clock back I would. But I can’t,” said Wellington in The Sun article.  “But please, if you have North American edition rip out the foreword, and use a permanent marker to erase the quote on the back of the British version.”

Wellington also wants Armstrong to stay away from the sport of triathlon.

“I believe that Lance’s participation in triathlon would sully the reputation of our sport and undermine its fragile credibility.”

Read the full article at: Armstrong told to forget comeback.

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