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Changes for TriStar Salzkammergut for 2013

Wave starts and bike course adjustments for the second edition.

The TriStar Salzkammergut (June 9, 2013) is already making waves. The first endurance athletes have registered for the triathlon highlight on the Attersee. A mixture of amateurs of every age and many pros and celebrities are expected. Under the motto “Back to Nature”, the Upper Austria sport highlight attracts not only pros and endurance athletes to the popular vacation region Attersee-Salzkammergut. With its attractive side events, including the charity race and children’s race StarKids, the organizers are presenting an event for the whole family.

When the ever-growing TriStar community meets on June 9, 2013, for the second edition of the TriStar Salzkammergut at Attersee, the starts will find two important innovations, which will make the sporting event even more attractive. TriStar race director Wolfgang Köck and his organizational team have been working hard for many weeks. Based on the experiences from the premiere year and the athletes’ suggestions, the cycling course will be optimized. In addition, improvements in the organizational procedures are firmly planned.

“Of course we want the TriStar Salzkammergut to continue to develop and establish itself internationally,” explained Köck, who puts on the event together with the Tourist Office Attersee-Salzkammergut and the province of Upper Austria.

“Right now we are working on improving the cycling course, which is one of the most attractive course in the Austrian triathlon scene. At the same time, we are integrating wave starts, which guarantee a smooth flow of action and which will improve the competitive conditions right from the start.”

The most important change will be on the cycling course around the Attersee. Wolfgang Köck and his team have incorporated a total of 1500 climbing meters into the 50km lake course, which will ease the slipstream problem.

But cycling is not the only area in which the organizers have reacted to the athletes’ suggestions. There will also be a major change at the start at the water. Wave starts instead of mass start will be the key in 2013!

“Wave starts are seen very positively. We have been watching it the last few years. At competitions with large starter fields, you can from the very beginning battle against the problems of slipstreaming and the formation of large groups,” said Karl Holzer, technical director of the Upper Austria Triathlon Association. “This step also has a positive effect on the road traffic, and can help to reduce conflicts between cyclists and auto drivers.” The organizers are also considering wave starts for the women.

The TriStar111 Salzkammergut is organzed by Star Events Central Europe together with the UASC Attersee West Triathlon Club and with the support of the Tourist Office Attersee-Salzkammergut, the province of Upper Austria and the Upper Austria triathlon association. All are happy with the great response. So far numerous athletes have already regsitered for the Upper Austria endurance event.

In addition to the races with the proven distances TriStar111 and 55.5, the organizers are presenting an experience for the whole family. On Friday, June 7, there will be a charity run to support a local project. The next day, Saturday, will see the popular children’s race StarKids. Because it is so close to Germany, the TriStar Salzkammergut is also ideal for German triathletes.

The TriStar111 Salzkammergut starts with a swim in the “Spring of Life”, as Lake Attersee is locally known. Then the triathlete cyclists will ride 100 kilometers through the charming, unspoiled and varied nature of the Lake Attersee-Salzkammergut vacation region, before finishing off with a ten kilometer run. The TriStar55.5 Salzkammergut (500m Swimming, 50km cycling and 5km running) is the shorter distance, and most suited for beginners.

The athletes will have a wonderful view of the lovely scenery in both races. The Salzkammergut region offers crystal-clear lakes and wonderful roads, which are perfect for cycling and go up to 2000 meters. In addition to the natural beauty, the Salzkammergut also offers a wonderful location near the cities of Salzburg and Linz. These arguments make this destination perfect for the entire family.

The TriStar label is presented by Star Events, a Monaco based company specializing in organizing high quality sports events that are focused on fun, social responsibility and environmental protection. TriStar has introduced new distances to the sport of triathlon (A/N: 111km and 222km), officially recognized by ITU, as well as a brand new Team Racing Concept T5

More Info: www.tristarseries.com and www.star-events.cc

TriStar Salzkammergut

TriStar111 and TriStar55.5 on June 9, 2013