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Changes coming to the Kona Lottery

WTC CEO Andrew Messick reveals changes and other details.

The guys at IM Talk caught up with WTC CEO Andrew Messick and he revealed quite a few things – the plans for a smaller number of big races (larger prize purses, high profile pros), improve media content (experiment with delivery of Kona broadcast, target to specific markets), and starting in 2012 there will be two significant changes to the Kona Lottery.

For athletes who have done 12 or more full Ironman races and who are still racing, they will be guaranteed a chance to race in Kona. They will cycle through everyone starting with the people who have done the most, and will work through that list each year.

For the remaining slots, those who have entered the lottery each year will get a better chance of winning a slot. If you’ve signed up every year for the past six years, you get six chances at the lottery or if this is your first attempt at the lottery you get one entry.

The interview has lots of interviews with pros too, including Crowie (near the start).

Check out the interview here.