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Challenge Roth and Ironman collaborate for “mutually agreed dates” in 2024

Two largest full-distance races in Germany collaborate for 2024 dates

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

It’s hardly a secret that the two biggest full-distance events in Germany have long been bitter rivals. Challenge Roth, the world’s largest full-distance event, began in 2002 when the race organizers of what was then Ironman Germany learned that Ironman was negotiating to start a new event in Frankfurt. That race in Frankfurt typically hosts the Ironman European Championship, and the two races have long competed to attract the top German pros to their races.

The end result is two of the biggest races of the year taking place within a week of each other, and occasionally on the same date. That won’t happen in 2024, though – the organizers at Challenge Roth announced in a release that they’ve managed to negotiate a return to their typical date in early July.

Constructive talks between Team Challenge and Ironman resulted in mutually agreed dates for the major German long-distance races, as was the case in previous years,” the release stated. ‘The agreement of both parties allows the standardisation of dates which is in the best interests of the athletes, media, triathlon fans and expo exhibitors.”

Jan Frodeno wins the Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt.

In 2023 Challenge Roth will be he’d on June 25, while the Ironman European Championship event in Frankfurt will be held on July 2.

“The standardisation of the major German triathlon race dates is very important to us,” said Challenge Roth race director Felix Walchshofer. “Ultimately, the entire sport of triathlon benefits from this. Thanks especially to Oliver Schiek from Ironman, with whom we have a very pleasant exchange year after year, and of course to the local authorities, with whom the date arrangements have always been very uncomplicated as well.”

Entries fill in 90 seconds

The event in Roth is arguably the world’s most popular full-distance event – entries for the 2023 event sold out in a record 90 seconds. Those in the hunt for a spot at the race still have one more opportunity – there’s a charity event on December 6 where athletes will have one last chance to get an entry to the 2023 race.