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Challenge North America becomes Clash

New company to expand events at NASCAR tracks beyond triathlon races

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

The organizers of Challenge Daytona and Challenge Miami have rebranded Challenge North America – Clash, a new endurance company, “will offer professional and age-group races as part of family-friendly festivals at iconic destinations.”

This year the company will put on Clash Daytona (Dec. 3 to 5), previously known as Challenge Daytona. In 2022 the company will host the Clash Miami at Homestead-Miami speedway (March 11 to 13) and add two new events – Clash Watkins Glen (July 8 to 10) and Clash Atlanta (Nov. 12 to 13).

While the events will no longer fall under the Challenge Family umbrella, the triathlon events will continue to serve as qualifiers for the Challenge Championship, and pro events will be part of the Challenge-Family Bonus pool.

Clash CEO Bill Christy has a close relationship with NASCAR – his wife, Lesa France Kennedy is the CEO of the International Speedway Corporation. The new direction of the company reflects the opportunities available at the various NASCAR facilities across the United States. While many venues might not have water close by, there are still opportunities to host running and cycling events.

“The tracks are next to some of the most amazing facilities that we can put events on. If we have the ability to do a swim, bike, run, that’s what we’re going to do,” Christy said at a press conference today. “Running, mountain biking, long-distance cycling – we have a growth strategy that says ‘what the venue gives us, we will pursue.’ The venues are really going to be able to provide us endurance opportunities.”

The new company will also “maintain its existing relationships with NASCAR Productions and NBC as it continues to grow its broadcast production portfolio” with more televised professional events planned for 2022 and 2023.

New events

According to a press release sent out today, “The addition of Watkins Glen (N.Y.) International, known as ‘The Glen,’ and Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta provide exceptional tri-cation destinations for families and endurance sports fanatics. The Glen offers waterfalls, scenic hiking and canoeing, and the region’s premier wine festival right inside the speedway. Imagine crushing your race and sprinting through a finish line steps away from one of the largest parties in the northeast. Expanding to Atlanta delivers the opportunity for Clash to offer an ultra-run relay, mountain bike events and trail runs at varying levels and distances. The premier camping options available at Clash Atlanta will see the campers enjoying bonfires and evening race events that celebrate all the best festivities of a southeast autumn season.”

The company plans to offer seven or more races in 2023.

More information is available at clash-usa.com