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Catching up with Jordan Bryden

A new coach, plans to race a variety of distances, and lots more.

We learned a lot about Jordan Bryden and his quest for the Olympic dream in our article Focused on the bullseye: Jordan Bryden. We caught up with the Calgary based Elite Triathlete to find out what he’s up to and what he has planned for 2013.

TMC: You were a busy guy this winter with your coaching and fundraising work. Tell us all about that.

Jordan Bryden: It’s been a great winter actually. I felt mentally burnt out after last season, and wasn’t sure how to get past the slump. I took sometime to reflect and refocus. I spent the month of September working to pay for the expenses that I accumulated in the race season, and then got my legs rolling again. I am going into my 18th year in the sport of triathlon and I think I finally am learning to trust my body. I established a long-term plan with the help of my new coach Syl Corbett, and we started working towards some new goals. I started coaching with the TCR sports lab here in town, and I continue to work with Tri It Multisport. Tri It has given me (and other athletes) a platform to work with. So many of my former competitors are no longer able to race because they don’t have a supportive environment.

TMC: How would you assess your 2012 season?

Jordan Bryden: Disappointing. I did a lot of work through the winter and showed spectacular improvement. I was running and riding faster than ever before, Results were not what I expected and I got caught struggling with some mental blocks. Initially I struggled with the idea of racing in 2013. I started talking to my girlfriend’s (Madi Serpico) coach – looking for advice, and it didn’t take long to get the fire back. Her advice has helped me to refocus and her personality has been an amazing fit.

TMC: What can we expect for 2013? Are you sticking with Olympic distance and sprint events and beefing up your ITU ranking in pursuit of the Olympic dream? Or are you going to participate in any 70.3 or even XTERRA events?

Jordan Bryden: Like many other athletes this year- I am not so concerned with the “points chase” this year. The Olympics are still more than 3 years away- and I am working to improve my fitness to a world-class level first. I will instead build my fitness slowly from the ground up- something I haven’t done since I was 16. I am planning on racing at a few different distances to build strength and endurance- staying in North America to keep costs manageable.

TMC: What will your schedule look like? Where will that first tri race in 2013 be?

Jordan Bryden: As things are right now I am planning on racing a ½ ironman race in April to the get the ball rolling, but this could easily change to accommodate my fitness level. I am going to get strong, get fast, and then find race courses that suit my body type and my style of racing. I plan to race all distances over the next two years.  I really am not interested in the stigma’s that are attached to switching distances- and not being able to come back.

TMC: Tell us about Tricommitment.com

Jordan Bryden: Tricommitment started as a partnership between my friend Janelle Morrison and myself. Months later she was almost killed, and her focus had to change to rebuilding her body. We used tricommitment to raise funds for her recovery.

My girlfriend Madi immediately saw the positive responses we received and she agreed to work on the project with me to build the Calgary triathlon community. Our goal is to create community-focused events that are fun and educational. Our passion is kids, and the KOS program! We have put together camps for 6-12 year old athletes over the past year that teach kids how to stay fit through our amazing sport. It’s very gratifying to see improvements and understanding with our young athletes. We are constantly working to create new events that bring the Calgary triathlon Community together. Last fall we hosted an open water swim race that was a huge success, and we just finished helping with the organization of our annual Tri It Spin A Thon (which benefits a new charity every year). In February we are hosting a 5 mile run race, and we have plans in place to hold additional events, and kids camps on weekends when we are not racing.

TMC: Any parting words?

Jordan Bryden: Yes, I would like to mention that Canada is full of amazing athletes- specifically triathletes! I am yet to meet a Canadian Jr, U-23, or Elite/Pro that is not dynamic, personable, and creative. These athletes are goal orientated and have a lot to offer to their local businesses. Consider working with a local triathlete in a partnership capacity and you will be submersing yourself in an incredible journey. You will learn a lot, and it can be extremely gratifying. “Travel Miles” (Aeroplan, Air Miles, etc) are a “free” way to make a dramatic difference. Maybe in our next interview we can talk about great ways to help out athletes that don’t cost cash!

We don’t need to find new talent in Canada, we need to support the talent, work ethic, and desire that already exists!

Find out more or keep up to date with Jordan at his blog.