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Angela Naeth on racing Ironman Texas

angela2On May 16, Ironman Texas will be the site of the Ironman North American Championship in the Woodlands. Canada’s Angela Naeth will be on the start line as she prepares her path to Kona. Taylor Reid got the low down on her plans for 2015.

Taylor Reid: How does Ironman Texas fit into the bigger picture this year?

Angela Naeth: Ironman Texas is a definite focus for the year with the longer term goal being Kona. It’s a great lead up to the event and valuable points race for qualifying.

TR: Your last race was Texas 70.3 three weeks ago. Was that a good warm up for Ironman Texas? How did you find the heat?

AN: It was a great lead up race. I raced Galveston in 2010 and wish I would’ve come back earlier. It’s a great little comunnity and the race is a fun one. I love loop run courses and have a three-loop 70.3 run course is perfect. There is so much support, high fives and smiles along the way.

I live and train in Las Vegas so the heat is never an issue for me. I love humidity as well so I relished in it.

TR: You have been training in the Woodlands–what’s that been like versus training in Las Vegas where you live?

AN:The Woodlands is a great community! There’s a number of triathletes here and they have all been very welcoming. the training is different since we’re in the heart of Texas and country roads. And of course, the humidity is a factor I don’t deal with when in Vegas. I’ve really been enjoying my time here. There’s a great trail system all over the city and it’s been a treat running thru the woods.

TR: You switched coaches last year and have been working with Jesse Kropelnicki at QT2 Systems. How has that affected your development as an athlete?

AN: Working with Jesse has been a pleasure. I’ve learned a lot about training, how hard I can push myself and have gain invaluable insight and guidance for nailing all the little things – nutrition, hydration, sleep etc. I’m eager to see how the year unfolds and continuing to work with him.