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Canaqua Sports announces Muskoka SwimRun Challenge


After yesterday’s announcement that Ironman Muskoka has been cancelled after just one year, Canaqua has announced the launch of a SwimRun Challenge just outside Huntsville to be held on June 12th, 2016.

Canaqua Sports launched their successful open water swim series last summer and looks to expand their reach across Canada. Their events are of particular interest to triathletes, who can use them as warm up events for target triathlons or as a chance to race despite an injury that prevents them from completing one of triathlon’s three sports.

SwimRun events have their roots in Europe and can be a variety of distances. They also range in terrain, however the following features are consistent across all events:

  • Multiple legs of the race, alternating between swimming and running
  • Unpredictability of leg variations but also of the races themselves on a year-to-year basis. Part of the challenge is to design a good course no matter what conditions are present
  • Fewer regulations than ITU or long distance events (like Ironman, Challenge or XTERRA)

Participants are generally allowed to use equipment like paddles, fins, pull buoys and wetsuits. However, if they choose to use these they must also wear or carry them for the run portion of the race. This presents an opportunity for athletes to strategize their race.

The Canaqua SwimRun Challenge will take place at Camp Tawingo, outside of Huntsville in Muskoka. The varied terrain will add an element of difficulty to the course and appeal to runners who love hills. The event will run in conjunction with the Muskoka Epic Island Swim and will attract large crowds and an exciting atmosphere.

The total distance for the Muskoka SwimRun will be approximately 19 km broken down as follows. Please note that the final course is still being worked on.

1. Swim 500 m

2. Run 2 km

3. Swim 500 m

4. Run 4 kmCANAQV2

5. Swim 1 km

6. Run 2 km

7. Swim 1 km

8. Run 5 km

9. Swim 500 m

10. Run 1.5 km

Participants will be able to register for this event at www.canaquasports.com. The planned date for registration to open is February 1, 2016.