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Can new exercise pills replace the need for workouts?

Person's hand holding an assortment of tablets and capsules

Canadian and Chinese scientists have eight new exercise pills under development that will supposedly be able to copy the effects of exercise.

This comes as good news for those who are unable to workout due to illness or paralysis or just for those who simply don’t want to get up and get active.

Right now, the pills are still being developed by researchers at the University of British Columbia and Beijing Sport University. They are being tested on lab mice as scientists make adjustments.

If all goes according to plan, the pills should be able to increase muscle fibre growth to benefit endurance as well as creating more blood vessels in muscles to increase efficiency during exercise. Other pills could possibly create more brown fats in the body, or healthy fats as many know them as.

But can the effects of exercise actually be mimicked in the absence of the workout?

Many critics would say no. The scientists have acknowledged that nothing can completely replace exercise. And those with their fingers crossed that their days of hitting the gym will soon come to an end have to keep in mind that the pills still have awhile to go before hitting the market.

Two of them have already been listed as banned substances for athletes.