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Campagnolo releases its TT/Tri Electronic Power Shift

A new electronic shifting system for triathletes.

Campagnolo officially released their new line of Electronic Power Shift for Triathletes – Triathlon Time Trial Project.

If you looked carefully at the Team Time Trial at this year’s Giro d’Italia, you would have seen the first public appearance of this new and impressive electronic shifting system, but thanks to the folks at Campagnolo, we got an up close and personal look at the EPS.

It shifts faster, and with more force (52 nm for every shift). It takes a few seconds set-up and align front and rear derailleurs (ie: initial set-up or using a new rear wheel) and once this is done the digital electronic system remembers everything and keeps the shifting precise time after time. Also, it has 11 speeds (and you can shift from top to bottom gear immediately by pressing and holding the appropriate shift button), a ton of battery life (3 months if you average 500 km per month), will work with a variety of non-Campagnolo cranksets, and is fully waterproof to name just a few features.

We’ve got a full review to come. Until then, enjoy these pictures.