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Camilla Pedersen is out of her coma

Denmark’s Camilla Pedersen was taken out of her coma a few days ago and according to all reports, she is making great progress.

The European champion suffered a bike crash on September 3rd and the prognosis was not good at that point but things looked to have taken a turn for the better.


According to Janni Møller Thomsen on the Danish Triathlon Federation’s website – “Camilla is still very tired and groggy. It is a harsh place, she has been through, but of course it is very positive that she is now in the hands of the specialists at the Neuroscience Centre in Hammel, and her rehabilitation slowly getting started when she is ready for it and at the pace she can endure. No one can doubt about Camilla’s willingness and ability to forge ahead. I wonder if it will be harder for them to keep her quiet than to get her started.”

If you want to donate to Camilla, since she makes her living racing triathlons but cannot do that due to her condition, you can do it on one of the following ways:


Reg 7637
Account number 7503867
Swiff address: HANDDKKK
Item: DK5476370007503867

Questions to the above collection addressed to Janni Møller Thomsen on Jannimt@live.dk