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Brownlee wins ETU European Championship

Gomez gets second.

Great Britain’s Alistair Brownlee won today’s ETU European Championship in Ireland by a 40 second margin over Spain’s Javier Gomez.

Brownlee and Gomez both stayed near the front during the entire race, until Brownlee broke away from Gomez at the 3 km mark of the run, slowly adding to his lead with every passing kilometer eventually crossing the line in 1:44:24, 40 seconds ahead of Gomez (1:45:04), and 1:07 ahead of France’s David Hauss (1:45:31).

“When I was injured earlier this year, this was what I was aiming for”, Brownlee said to the ITU Media. “I think that is the biggest number of high fives I have ever done coming into the finishing straight.”

Top Ten Men

1. Alistair Brownlee (GBR)  1:44:24

2. Javier Gomez (ESP)  1:45:04

3. David Hauss (FRA)  1:45:31

4. Joao Silva (POR)  1:45:33

5. Laurent Vidal (FRA)  1:45:40

6. Bruno Pais (POR)  1:45:45

7. Alexander Brukhankov (RUS)  1:45:49

8. Vladimir Turbaevskiy (RUS)  1:45:54

9. Oliver Freeman (GBR)  1:45:56

10. Fillip Ospaly (CZE)  1:46:06

Full Results here.