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Brownlee joins Incus Performance as investor and strategic advisor

Olympic gold medalist invests and adds his name to wearable technology company

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

Two-time Olympic gold medalist and Ironman champion Alistair Brownlee certainly isn’t sitting around getting bored. In addition to being on the board of directors for the Professional Triathletes Organisation and his involvement with the Brownlee Foundation, we’ve just learned that he’s joined INCUS Performance, a triathlon analytics company, as an investor and strategic advisor.

“The INCUS platform provides not only data and analytics of a training session to the minute detail, but is working on automated insights that contextualise the numbers and show how these can be applied when progressing towards a specific goal,” we learned in a press release from the company yesterday. “With measurements from the INCUS | NOVA device detecting changes in efficiency, stroke, or stride, the INCUS platform is being built to crunch the numbers for you, to explore exactly how these adjustments will affect you come race day. Whether the aim is setting a new 5km PB, or winning an Olympic Gold Medal, INCUS moves beyond typical trackers to provide simple, technical information to help you achieve your goal.”

“I’m fascinated by how technology can be used to help improve athletic performance,” Brownlee said in the same release. “Two of the most important factors in training are efficiency and training load management. Through technology we have the ability to collect so much data, but the important and interesting part is how we distil that data into useful insights. I’ve really enjoyed working with the INCUS team to produce accurate and useful information that can add something to everyone’s training. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to track your fitness or an elite professional athlete there are novel and relevant insights for you.”