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Brooke Brown Partners with TRICOZUMEL and DOVE

Brooke Brown on her way to 2nd place Ironman Louisville 2013.
Brooke Brown on her way to 2nd place Ironman Louisville 2013.

Canadian professional triathlete and TMC contributor Brooke Brown joins the TRICOZUMEL squad and DOVE social change project for 2014.  Headed by the elite coaching team of Brett Sutton and Sergio Borges, TRICOZUMEL sees Brown returning to live and train in Mexico during the off-season, where her triathlon career started back in the 1990’s as a teenager.  “I’m really excited to be back in Mexico, to be joining the TRICOZUMEL team, and to contribute to the very important social campaign – DOVE (Saying no to Drugs, Obesity, and Violence through Education) that Brett and Sergio are championing locally.  The region and the people are very close to my heart.  Mexico is my second home and I am thrilled to have this opportunity”  explains Brown.  As a member of Barrie Shepley’s C3 team, Brown will be maintaining ties to her long-time coach, mentor and friend. 

“I will continue to be a part of Canada’s top triathlon program in C3 and supporting their efforts in Canada as well.  I will spend my time training in Mexico and much of the race season back in Canada and the US, so it’s a great balance for me and I feel that I can improve as a professional by being part of both teams” says Brown.

  C3 and TRICOZUMEL share a passion for their communities, for positively impacting the lives of children and teaching them through hands-on involvement that education and physical activity are powerfully important ingredients in a fulfilling life.  

 Brown, whose sponsors include Infinit Nutrition Canada, Ambassador Bikes and Cannondale and Reynolds, insists “It is my honour to be able to contribute to two of the best and most successful triathlon clubs in the world.  I am thrilled to see some great synergies at work in 2014.”