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Bracht and Csomor win Ironman Los Cabos

Penticton's Jeff Symonds places fourth in his Ironman debut.

Germany’s Timo Bracht and Hungary’s Erika Csomor won the inaugural Ironman Los Cabos today in Mexico.

Bracht’s winning splits for the day were 53:23, 4:37:34, and a 2:51:39 marathon for a total time of 8:26:48.

Splits are not available for Csomor due to a timing chip problem. But according to the Ironman live coverage, she did come from behind on the marathon to take the win in 9:35:34.

Penticton’s Jeff Symonds, 27, swam 53:28, rode 4:44:57, and ran 2:54:20 to make an impressive fourth place (8:37:09) Ironman debut.

Pro Men

1 Bracht Timo 8:26:48

2 Delsaut Trevor 8:33:26

3 Major Jozsef 8:33:57

4 Symonds Jeff CAN 8:37:09

5 Twelsiek Maik 8:37:43

Pro Women

1 Csomor Erika 9:35:34

2 Vesterby Michelle 9:36:31

3 Ribes Lisa 9:38:35

4 Hufe Mareen 9:40:50

5 Calkins Kathleen 9:46:55

Follow the Ironman Los Cabos live coverage feed.