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Belwood Triathlon victories for Laundry and Quick

The triathlon spotlight was pointed towards Toronto and the Pan Am Triathlon this morning, but further northwest of the city, we had our radar on a rising star in our sport, Guelph’s Jackson Laundry racing at MultiSport Canada’s Belwood Triathlon.

Exiting Belwood Lake just 5 seconds shy of Guelph’s Karsten Madsen, Laundry made quick work to wrestle control of the race with an authoritative 43:50 ride on the hilly and breezy 30 km course. Despite the rising temperatures, Laundry continued to push the pace, and posted the top 7.5 km run of the day (26:05) to clinch the victory in 1:22:02. Madsen followed in second (1:23:19), and Toronto’s Lee Rantala took third (1:28:26).

Belwood Triathlon (750m Swim – 30km Bike – 7.5km Run) – Top 5 Men

1. Jackson Laundry (Guelph, ON) 1:22:02

2. Karsten Madsen (Guelph, ON) 1:23:19

3. Lee Rantala (Toronto, ON) 1:28:26

4. Adrian Lawson (Fergus, ON) 1:28:39

5. Mark Linseman (Toronto, ON) 1:28:43

Just four weeks after having an appendectomy, causing her to miss the Rose City Half Triathlon,  Kitchener’s Angela Quick returned to her winning ways once again. Quick made use of her strong swim/bike combo to get well ahead of the field and then ran steady to the finish line to take the win in 1:38:35. Waterdown’s Elise Bolger used the top swim to grab second in 1:39:06, and London’s Meghan Lamers was solid among all three disciplines to finish third (1:39:24).

Belwood Triathlon (750m Swim – 30km Bike – 7.5km Run) – Top 5 Women

1. Angela Quick (Kitchener, ON) 1:38:35

2. Elise Bolger (Waterdown, ON) 1:39:06

3. Meghan Lamers (London, ON) 1:39:24

4. Katherine Onyett-Jefferies (Toronto, ON) 1:39:49

5. Kirsten Vergara (Vaughan, ON) 1:41:41

Mississauga’s Larry Bradley successfully defended his Belwood Duathlon title. Bradley shadowed Clinton’s Mike Park (17:42) during the first 5km run, then hammered out the top ride of 46:54, and with a comfy lead in hand, he closed with a 20:08 final 5km run to win in 1:26:10. Third last year, London’s Spencer Summerfield survived a bee sting to his head during the bike ride to take second (1:30:50), and Harold Walker of St. Thomas finished third (1:33:31).

Belwood Duathlon (5km Run – 30km Bike – 5km Run) – Top 5 Men

1. Larry Bradley (Mississauga, ON) 1:26:10

2. Spencer Summerfield (London, ON) 1:30:50

3. Harold Walker (St. Thomas, ON) 1:33:31

4. Kevin Gallagher (Toronto, ON) 1:34:21

5. Mike Park (Clinton, ON) 1:35:31

Brampton’s Jade Carrington dominated the women’s race leading from start to finish with top splits in all three segments (21:25 run, 54:00 bike, and 23:02 run) to easily claim the top of the podium in 1:40:53. Tara McAninch McLaren of Oakville followed in second (1:49:56), and Karri Beck of Richmond Hill took third (1:52:17).

Belwood Duathlon (5km Run – 30km Bike – 5km Run) – Top 5 Women

1. Jade Carrington (Brampton, ON) 1:40:53

2. Tara McAninch McLaren (Oakville, ON) 1:49:56

3. Karri Beck (Richmond Hill, ON) 1:52:17

4. Vicki Mayberry (Ingersoll, ON) 1:57:13

5. Kimberley Arsenault (Toronto, ON) 1:58:11

Last year, Cody Beals and Suzanne French captured the Belwood Triathlon titles.