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Assos Takes Pro Shop to Toronto


Triathletes are very specific about what they’ll ride in and the high end cycling apparel from Italian based company Assos has been gaining in popularity. Assos has branched out, opening its first two ProShops in North America within La Bicicletta in Toronto and Fresh Bikes in Arlington, Virginia. The  ‘pioneer of technologically advanced, design-driven cycling apparel’, celebrated the two grand openings on March 27th and 29th and both events included a guest appearance from Andrea Zamboni, the iconic Assos model.

The ProShop, ‘Shop within a Shop’, concept was introduced by Assos in December 2012 in Madrid with Castellana Cien Bicis. Since then the brand has opened 17 total ProShops across the globe – with eight more scheduled by the end of 2014.

Assos ProShops selectively pair with the most committed independent Assos specialty retailers that have proven their excellence in selling the Assos products over multiple years. ProShops are carefully handpicked and go through a detailed selection process by Assos to determine the best possible fit.

La Bicicletta General Manager Heath Cockburn said, “We believe Assos is unequivocally the best cycling apparel, integral to a positive riding experience for our customers. Naturally, we worked hard behind the scenes for three years getting our ProShop status and installation. Seeing it in place is very exciting, and it elevates our store to the next level.”

The Assos ProShop is based on the idea to create a place where the Assos rider can experience the world of Assos and get a glimpse inside of the brand surrounding the products. Within each store, the Assos ProShop furniture (Assos Display System) is used to merchandise the product. The custom furniture is designed by the Assos in-house architect, Alfonso Giron, and produced by a furniture specialist in Italy.

To ensure the layout of the ProShops are as functional as possible and the quality of the furniture is always at the highest level and consistent in all Assos ProShops around the world, all projects are planned centrally by Alfonso and all furniture is produced and shipped from Italy.

“We are proud to open the two very first Assos ProShops in North America with two of our most committed and knowledgeable retailers,” said Peter Hammerschmidt, General Manager Retail and Brand Office at Assos. “Both La Bicicletta and Fresh Bikes have been selling Assos for many years and have become real Assos aficionados. We would like to thank them both for giving us this great opportunity for our brand. The shop concept has proven its success in other European stores, and we are very confident that this success story will also continue in North America.”