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Arena Fast Tri Bag Review

Equipped to hold all your triathlon gear, Arena’s Fast Tri is the ultimate bag for triathletes, doubling as a backpack and sac-arena-fast-tri-bagduffle bag. The bag itself is fairly lightweight given its 80 litre capacity but you can be sure that everything you need to pack will easily fit inside its many compartments. Whether you’re headed to a race, a training camp or even just packing for back-to-back training sessions in the day, there’s room for everything in this bag.

The Fast Tri has the essentials of any good transition bag — a large main section, a zippered wetsuit compartment at the bottom, a helmet compartment on the top and individual pockets for small gear like nutrition, your wallet, bike tools and shoes. This bag’s thick, padded straps make it comfortable to wear as a backpack, even with its 80 litres filled with all your gear. If you choose to use it as a duffle bag, it’s carry-on sized and has strong, reinforced handles.

sac-arena-fast-tri-bag (1)For triathletes needing more space than a conventional backpack for commuting, the Fast Tri is a great choice. It has a few options for compartments that could safely fit a laptop and keep your work clothes separate from the rest of your things. When tested with lots of gear inside, we found the weight was distributed comfortably on a long walk and the adjustable padded shoulder straps, along with the sternum strap, ensure the Fast Tri will sit comfortably on your back. While most will find it too large for a run commute, it’s a great option to wear on a bike. The coated fabric of the outer shell can withstand precipitation to keep your stuff dry.

Like all of Arena’s bags, it comes in a sleek black with a choice of neon accents. It’s sturdy and looks great and with its many sections is more comfortable than some tri bags where too much gear inside causes it to sag in the bottom.