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Another nice story from the Whitfield crash

Simon comforts a six-year-old girl moments after his own disappointment.

This story should come as no surprise to anyone but Simon Whitfield showed his class once again, this time just moments after his devastating crash last week at the London Olympic Games Triathlon.

While watching the race in Hyde Park with her family, six-year-old Rosie Byrne was close by when Simon Whitfield and Leonardo Chacon crashed. Rosie became upset, Whitfield noticed, and he went over to comfort her despite being injured and knowing that his race for gold was over.

“His voice was so calm. He just kept chatting to Rosie, telling her about his own two youngsters. I was completely humbled by his sportsmanship and graciousness. He was a gentleman, an amazing athlete and a very genuine person,” said Rosie’s mother Bridgeen Byrne.

“When the Team Canada medics had dressed his wounds, Mr. Whitfield came back and gave Rosie some lovely souvenirs. Both Martin (Rosie’s father) and I were really touched by his kindness. We could not thank him enough. It is a measure of his popularity that the Team Canada athletes chose him to be their country’s flag-bearer at the Olympics 2012 opening ceremony.”

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