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Andrew Yorke: Fast and fit heading into ITU Grand Final

Fresh off an eighth place finish in Edmonton, Andrew Yorke is looking for an Olympic nomination in Chicago this weekend. He gave Taylor Reid the low down.

Taylor Reid: It must be nice racing so close to home. How is this Grand Final different from others that you have done over seas?

Credit: Ruby Photo Studio
Credit: Ruby Photo Studio

Andrew Yorke: Mainly just easier travel. There’s less jet lag and food that you are more accustomed to. The language, [driving] direction and having been to Chicago many times makes it a great place for me to be racing.

TR: After your great performance last week in Edmonton what kind of result are you looking for in Chicago?

AY: A top eight to get that Olympic nomination.

TR: This is a very important year for you with the Olympics coming up next year. How does the Grand Final fit into the selection criteria for the Olympics?

AY: A top eight this weekend would earn me a nomination for the Olympic team. I’d still have to prove fitness early next year but it would definitely put me in a good position heading into the games.

TR: What have you done to recover from the race last week and stay sharp for Chicago?

AY: I took it easy for a few days. I spent some time with family and did just light training for a few days. Then we added some intensity later in the week–just trying to be physically and mentally fresh!

TR: Do you have any races lined up after Chicago or is the season over after this?

AY: I’ll be heading to Cozumel 10 days after Chicago to race a world cup where I will end the season. I will still be trying to solidify my Olympic ranking.