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Andreas Dreitz and Lucy Charles-Barclay wow the crowd at Challenge Roth

On July 7th, Andreas Dreitz thrilled the crowd with a big win in front of the Bavarian fans. After finishing second at last year’s race, Dreitz was able to defeat a very strong men’s field in 2019. Sweden’s Jesper Svensson would finish second, and Australia’s Cam Wurf placed third. Dreitz used a combination of his blistering bike and strong run to hold off the charging Swede and Aussie.

Andreas Dreitz earns a career win at Challenge Roth.

Men’s Top 5

  1. Andreas Dreitz – 7:59:02
  2. Jesper Svensson Р8:02:20.
  3. Cam Wurf – 8:04:08
  4. Bart Aernouts – 8:04:48
  5. David McNamee – 8:05:50

In the women’ race, Lucy Charles-Barclay, last year’s runner-up smashed the 2019 race and took the win by over seven minutes. The British triathlete came out of the water in 49:01, with a 5:24 lead on Canadian Rachel McBride, German Anja Ippach and Australian Sarah Crowley.

Lucy Charles-Barclay exits the swim with over a 5-minute lead on her pursuers.

Despite being chased by a group of strong cyclists, Charles-Barclay added to her lead and was 6:05 up on the defending champion Daniela Bleymehl. On the marathon, Charles-Barclay stayed strong and ended up holding off Crowley. Bleymehl followed up her win from last year with a third-place finish.

Lucy Charles-Barclay wins Challenge Roth.

Women’s Top 5

  1. Lucy Charles-Barclay – 8:31:09
  2. Sarah Crowley – 8:38:11
  3. Daniela Bleymehl –¬† 8:43:17
  4. Agnieszka Jerzyk – 8:48:49
  5. Carolin Lehrieder – 8:55:13

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