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Alicia Kaye becomes first triathlete of Ventum racing roster


credit: www.aliciakayetri.com
credit: www.aliciakayetri.com

Canadian born Alicia Kaye, the 2013 Toyota Triple Crown champion, 2013 St Anthony’s Triathlon champion, and repeat Lifetime Fitness Series champion (2013-2014), has been named as the first triathlete on the Ventum roster of sponsored athletes. Among the newest bike companies, Ventum was founded in 2014 and is committed to “developing triathlon bicycles that are lighter, faster and more technologically advanced than the competition.” Based in Miami Beach, Florida, Ventum was founded by a team of athlete-engineers. The company explains they “us[e] technology from fighter jets and Formula One racing to create the world’s fastest triathlon bicycles.”

“I am tremendously excited to be riding Ventum bicycles in 2015,” said Kaye. “I’m thrilled to work with a company whose primary goal is to make the fastest, most aerodynamic triathlon bicycle in the world; I’m even more excited to ride it. Ventum is an innovative company who isn’t satisfied with the status quo and won’t hesitate to challenge the traditional design, branding and promotion of a bicycle and I’m honoured to be a part of this ground-breaking company.”

Kaye, 32, has long been among the best non-drafting Olympic distance athletes in the world and is moving up to the 70.3 distance having won her debut race in Muskoka in 2014. “We are thrilled to sign Alicia to Team Ventum,” said Diaa Nour, Ventum co-founder. “She’s fresh off yet another great season. In 2014 she accumulated seven wins and a total of ten podium finishes… we are looking forward to her competing in and winning more 70.3 races in 2015. She’s a stellar triathlete and a perfect fit for Ventum.”

The Ventum One, on which Kaye will be racing will be available for purchase in select bicycle stores later this summer.