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Air Canada strikes again: three weeks later, Georgia Taylor-Brown’s bag is now in Arizona

Top-ranked woman in the World Triathlon standings is still waiting for the Canadian airline to get her the bag it never delivered to Montreal

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

When Olympic individual silver medalist (and part of Great Britain’s gold-medal relay team in Tokyo last year) Georgia Taylor-Brown flew to Montreal for the World Triathlon Championship Series Montreal, Air Canada managed to leave her bag in Heathrow Airport for the week. She never got it, but that didn’t stop her from taking the win at the race (photo above).

Taylor-Brown just assumed she’d fly back to London and pick up the bag in Heathrow airport. Turns out that wasn’t possible – for some reason the bag got flown to Arizona.

During race week in Montreal we reported that World Triathlon posted on Twitter, asking Air Canada to get Taylor-Brown’s bag to her. Today they reached out to the airline again, asking it to please get the bag back to Leeds!

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Taylor-Brown chimed in on her own account, saying she’d just like her bag back:

Turns out Taylor-Brown had lots of company with baggage woes in Montreal. We also reported on Flora Duffy’s issues – her bike never arrived so she wasn’t able to compete at Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant.

Another athlete who made the trip to Montreal for the World Championship event flew back to South Africa two weeks ago and still hasn’t seen her luggage:

“We also flew with Air Canada to Montreal for the triathlon, fruitless search since we got back in South Africa for my luggage- it’s been 2 weeks….” Inial Hattingh commented on Twitter.

Here’s hoping the airline can get the bag back to the woman who is leading the World Triathlon standings at the moment,