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Video: Age-group triathlete refuses to give up, runs 8K with bike to T2 after flat

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/7F4d0yB9qvk”]

A video of an age-group triathlete competing at the recent Lisbon ETU Triathlon European Championships has garnered lots of attention online for the athlete’s determination to finish his race despite getting with a flat (and having no flat kit) with 8K to go before T2.

In the video, the German triathlete is seen running barefoot with his bike on the bike course, trying to make it to transition as fast as possible so he can finish his race. While many would pull the plug and hope for better luck next time, this athlete kept a positive outlook on the situation and was determined to finish regardless of how far back it would put him.

When asked by the man filming him why he wasn’t giving up, the athlete replied, “When things don’t go your way, try to stay strong and think about why you are racing and… make it the best that you can.”

“Only eight kilometres to go, and then I get my running shoes!” he says with a laugh.

This situation highlights the important of keeping a positive attitude no matter what and learning from mistakes when it comes to racing. This triathlete proves that a bad day isn’t lost if you keep your head in the game.