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Abu Dhabi Triathlon Preview

$230 000 for the pros this Saturday.

One of the richest races on the circuit gets its inaugural start this Saturday March 13th.

The long distance event (a 2 lap 3 km swim, a 200 km bike, and a 2 lap 20km run) offers up $250 000 US in prize money so there is sure to be some great racing. There is also a short distance race (1.5 km swim, 100 km bike, and 10 km run) for no prize purse.

Elite Prize Money Breakdown

1st  $50000

2nd  $20000

3rd  $15000

4th  $10000

5th  $7500

6th  $5000

7th  $3000

8th  $2000

9th  $1500

10th  $1000

Total of $230 000 ($115 000 x 2 –  men’s and women’s categories)

Age Group Prize Money

>19  $1000

20-24  $1000

25-29  $1000

30-34  $1000

35-39  $1000

40-44  $1000

45-49  $1000

50-54  $1000

55-59  $1000

60+  $1000

Total of $20 000 ($10 000 x 2 – men’s and women’s categories)

The swim takes place in a lagoon shadowed by the world famous 6 star Emirates Palace hotel, while the bike and run course will weave through the scenery of of Abu Dhabi.

With a $230 000 US prize purse on the line, and no 8% rule (finish within 8% of the winning time or collect no prize money) to worry about, the professional start list is littered with many of the fastest athletes in the sport. Tereza Macel (Triathlon Magazine Canada’s Triathlete of the Year) leads the charge for the Canadians. She will be joined by Samantha McGlone, and our resident blogger, Tara Norton. Check out the professional start list below. There are 70 of them!

Long Distance Professional Start List

Faris Al-Sultan

Björn Andersson

Rutger Beke

Simon Billeau

Miquel Blanchart Tintó

Dirk Bockel

Virginia Berasategui Luna

Heleen bij de Vaate

Hillary Biscay

Andi Boecherer

Dann Brook

Fraser Cartmell

Leanda Cave

Tine Deckers

Victor Manuel Del Corral Morales

Julie Dibens

Martina Dogana

Mikel Elgezabal

Aaron Farlow

Isabelle Ferrer

Joe Gambles

Michaela Giger

Sofie Goos

Glen Gore

Philip Graves

Leon Griffin

Mathias Hecht

Rasmus Henning

Nicole Hofer

Heather Jackson

Pete Jacobs

Bert Jammaer

Rob Johnson

Rachel Joyce

Ain-Alar Juhanson

Rebekah Keat

Irene Kinnegim

Lisbeth Kristensen

Kristina Lapinova

Joanna Llawn

Carrie Lester

Eneko Llanos

Tereza Macel

Lisa Marangon

Olivier Marceau

Samantha McGlone

Catriona Morrison

Guillot Myriam

Renee Nicholls

Tara Norton

Domenico Passuello

Sebastian Pedraza

Francisco Pontano

Jordan Rapp

Bryan Rhodes

Ronnie Schildknecht

Caroline Steffen

Swen Sundberg

Georg Swoboda

Raynard Tissink

Maik Twelsiek

Richard Ussher

Petr Vabrousek

Anu Vaidyanathan

Frederik Van Lierde

Yvonne Van Vlerken

Cameron Watt

Tove Wiklund

Rob Woestenborghs

Rafael Wyss

Lucie Zelenkova