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A Poem from XTERRA

'Twas the Night Before XTERRA.

We liked this poem from Dave “Kahuna Claus” Nicholas, the managing director of the XTERRA World Tour.

Twas the night before XTERRA

And all around the globe

Everyone was anxious

Ideas blinked like a strobe

Every language was spoken

Yet the words were the same

Tomorrow some would lose

But others would find fame

Impossible to predict

Who would come across first

Even the Old Kahuna’s

Predictions were cursed

The day could be windy

Hot and severe

Or dusty or muddy

It was never clear

The goal was to win

Get a podium for sure

But far beyond success

Were the friends from the Tour

XTERRA belongs

To the world that is you

People alike

Friends that are new

Let us celebrate each day

Each race and each friend

For many years to come

XTERRA will never end

Enjoy the off season

Eat, drink and be Merry

2011 will come soon

It all starts in February