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A look at Nico Lebrun

This will be his last season as a professional triathlete.

The term Professor Emeritus is bestowed upon persons of great importance to their profession after they retire.

As such, it will be a fitting moniker for reigning XTERRA European Tour Champion Nico “the Professor” Lebrun, who has announced that the 2013 season will be his last as a pro.

“This is my last season as a full-time pro,” wrote Lebrun, the 2005 XTERRA World Champion.  “For many years XTERRA Managing Director Dave Nicholas has called me the “Professor” and next year this will be really true.  In 2014, I will still be racing and traveling as part of the XTERRA family but my goal will be different.  It will be with the focus of a Coach, and promoting my new venture ORGANICOACH.”

While Lebrun is a gifted endurance athlete – as his 14 career podium finishes at world championship races in XTERRA, Winter Triathlon, and Duathlon can attest to – perhaps his greatest asset is mental strength.

“I’ve seen him outsmart many a competitor and win races because of his mental toughness and keen awareness of not only his strengths and weaknesses, but also those of the men he’s racing against” said Nicholas.

It’s those same smarts that have led Lebrun on a life of organic food and natural medicine.

“I’ve always believed that you can be stronger, and in better shape for a longer time with zero chemicals in your food, in your medicine, and in your body,” said Lebrun.

Together with his wife Alexandra, a pharmacist who specializes in natural medicine, a team of physiotherapists and an Osteopath, Lebrun has found support for his philosophy of the all-natural way of life.  It’s a lifestyle he hopes to share with other athletes around the world.

“This year we created the “Organicoach Team” with all my friends. I know the way they train and live and can let them be the first ambassadors. As I race this season on the XTERRA European Tour, at the USA Championship, and World Championship it will be behind the name of Organicoach,” said Lebrun.

In the name is three parts – Organic, Nico, and Coach (which will be official in 2014 as he receives official coaching diploma in France).

“Together, we’ll be ready to be the best organic coach in the world for athletes,” said Lebrun.  “I’m thankful for XTERRA and the last 12 years of adventures, and believe this is just the start of greater things to come.”

Follow along on his journey at nico-lebrun.com