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7 Systems Do More Challenge

The three finalists are set.

After dozens of entries and hundreds of votes, three athletes were chosen to take the 7SYSTEMS DO MORE challenge: to improve on their 2009 race time by at least 7% at the same race in 2010. Andrina Kelly, the first of the three finalists to compete at her 2010 target race, did so at MultiSport Canada’s Toronto Island GT 12.9. Her time of 49:06 was a 9% improvement over last year’s time.

“It has been just over a year and a half since I changed my life. I’ve gone from being a sedentary obese woman with a body fat of 54% to an athletic physique of 18% body fat,” said Andrina before the race. “When I did the Toronto Give-it-a-Tri last year I was still working towards my goal. Now I have achieved that goal and with the help of 7SYSTEMS I am working towards a new goal!”

The makers of 7SYSTEMS endurance sport supplement believe that people who demand more from their body should demand more from their supplements. To prove their theory, that better micro and macro nutrition can improve training and recovery, 7SYSTEMS challenged athletes to try the supplements and see if they could DO MORE in 2010. Running Free, Triathlon Magazine Canada and MultiSport Canada have all joined the challenge but offering incentives and / or prizing for the three finalists. The three athletes chosen to participate in the DO MORE challenge have been training hard and taking 7SYSTEMS for three months and are now race ready!

Now that Andrina’s proven she can do more, there are two other finalists left to test their metal: Luke Ehgoetz from New Hamburg, Ontario and Ajay Kohli from Mississauga, Ontario. Ehgoetz has been training for and will be racing the Muskoka Half Ironman in September and Ajay Kohli is racing in the CIBC Run for the Cure 5 km in October.

“We developed 7SYSTEMS endurance sport supplement as a nutritional support for athletes that demand more from their bodies,” said Canadian Ironman champion and one of the founders of 7SYSTEMS Jasper Blake. “Our DO MORE challenge is the perfect way to demonstrate, what I already know – proper nutrition, with the addition of supplements, can help you do more on race day and every day!”


7SYSTEMS endurance sport supplement contains over 60 key ingredients. Tested by high performance athletes, 7SYSTEMS endurance sport supplement is being credited by many athletes as a factor in their success. However, not only is it important to have an ‘edge’ in today’s competitive environment, it is important that the ‘edge’ is permitted. The manufacturer has guaranteed that 7SYSTEMS endurance sport supplement is produced in a facility that does not handle any of the raw compounds on the WADA (World Anti Doping Association) banned substance list.

7SYSTEMS endurance sport supplement is manufactured by Douglas Laboratories, a well known and respected company that meets or exceeds Health Canada’s Good Manufacturing Practices in its operations and is one of only a few ISO certified nutritional supplement manufacturers in North America. Independent studies have shown Douglas Laboratories supplements to be among the top three in absorbability when compared to other products on the market.

For more information and research notes please visit: www.7SYSTEMS.ca