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7 Simple Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Triathlete


Still looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the special triathlete in your life? Surprise them with one of these seven simple and thoughtful ideas perfect for any triathlete.

Credit: www.merciaframing.co.uk
Credit: www.merciaframing.co.uk

Race memory

Frame a picture of them at the finish line of the their favourite race, their favourite no-longer-worn race t-shirt or their finishing medals. Framing a piece of their favourite race memorabilia is a great way for them to cherish it forever and know you’re proud of them for their accomplishments.

Post workout feast

Surprise your triathlete with a homemade feast after their long morning workout this weekend or take them out for brunch. Nothing says love like giving them a big, delicious meal after a hard workout.

Bike tune-up

We’re early enough in the season that most Canadian triathletes haven’t taken their bike outdoors yet. Give them a bike tune-up at their local bike shop this Valentine’s Day. It’s something they’ll likely be getting for themselves anyways.

Running shoesIMG_4497

A triathlete can never have enough running shoes. Lots of brands (like Asics and Zoot) have released new triathlon-specific running shoes lately. This is gift that’s sure to get lots of use.


A massage is a great Valentine’s gift, especially for athletes starting feel the effects of two solid months of training so far this year.

Race entry

This could be the entry to a bucket list race or even a local 5K. It’s also a great gift to enjoy together. Even if you’re not as into triathlon yourself, your triathlete partner will appreciate you showing interest and support for their hobby. For competitive triathlon couples, this is a great chance to race together if you usually support each other at individual races.

A non-triathlon related gift

Your triathlete may be obsessed with their sport, but chances are they’re even more obsessed with just spending time with you. Take the day to enjoy something completely unrelated to triathlete. Get out of your workout clothes and enjoy a show, meal or activity and challenge each other to not mention triathlon even once for the whole time.