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#50WomenToKona launches TriEqual.com

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The founders of #50WomentoKona have amassed a powerful board of athletes and social justice fighters who launched TriEqual.com on Friday. The new website is dedicated to fairness, development and equality in the sport of triathlon.

TriEqual will serve as a resource to support the #50WomenToKona movement for female professional triathletes to gain an equal number of slots to the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Currently, women professional triathletes have 35 slots to race at Ironman Hawaii versus the 50 slots for professional men. TriEqual aims to ensure that all groups within the triathlon community are treated equally and with respect.

Additionally, TriEqual will promote increased participation and diversity in the sport of triathlon. The opportunity for more women professionals to race at Ironman Hawaii will give female athletes more exposure, and promote and grow the sport of triathlon.

“TriEqual was founded to promote equality in triathlon and increase participation and diversity by expanding accessibility for all athletes, from beginners to elites.” said Rachel Joyce an attorney and professional triathlete who is a co-founder of TriEqual.  “The professional race should lead the way in achieving this.  It is simply the right thing to do to give women professionals equal opportunity with men to compete in Kona.”

“It’s nearly been 43 years since the passage of Title IX, a law that gives women and girls equal opportunity in high school, college and university sports. It’s time for The World Triathlon Corporation to do the same for the Ironman Hawaii World Championships. Let’s work together to grow the sport for future generations,” says Kelly Burns Gallagher, attorney and co-founder of TriEqual.


Get Involved Today

TriEqual.com makes it easy for people to get involved in the cause. It can be as simple as:

Sharing and supporting the issue on social media channels

Sporting 5Q temporary tattoos when racing

Sending letters to event organizers and sponsors

Purchasing and wearing 5Q T-shirts

Joining us at events around the country

Learn more on how to support the cause here.

About TriEqual

TriEqual was founded by a group of professional and age-group triathletes brought together by their passion for the sport of triathlon and their determination that the sport provides equal opportunities for all.

Learn more here.


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