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5 Simple ways to build fitness in the morning


We’re still in that time of year when waking up early can be hard. The sun doesn’t rise as early as it does in the summer so when the alarm clock goes off for an early morning workout, it’s still dark out. If you’re been hitting the snooze button on your morning workouts, there are still ways to fit in some fitness before your day starts. Get a head start on your day with these five short and simple workout ideas.


Triathletes should regularly perform this core-strengthening move. It’s perfect for right when you wake up and takes little time. A modification to this classic move to add difficulty and target specific core muscles is side plank.


If you have high enough ceilings, skipping is a great, simple cardiovascular workout to get your heart pumping so your start your day feeling energized. Skipping for as little as 10 minutes is effective. To add difficulty, try double-unders — the rope hits the ground twice in a single jump (these take practice).ThinkstockPhotos-182000828


This one can be done as you wait for the kettle to boil or as you brush your teeth in the morning. With your back straight against the fall, descend so you’re “sitting” with your legs in a 90 degree angle. If you’re sit bones are not parallel with you’re knees, you’re not getting the full workout. This is great leg strengthening for cycling.


Perform as many push-ups as possible without breaking. Watch your number increase over time. This move develops muscles that you need for a strong swim stroke.

FootballerFoam rolling and mobility

Sometimes at the end of the day, it’s easy to feel like skipping your foam rolling or mobility session. Get it done as soon as you wake up so you can get on with your day knowing you’ve ticked that little chore off your list for the day. Listen to an interesting podcast while you do it to take your mind off the pain.