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5 Questions with Angela Naeth

6 Runner-up finishes at 70.3 races this year

Prince George, B.C.’s Angela Naeth finished second at six Ironman 70.3 races this year (Buffalo Springs, Boulder, Timberman, Branson, Austin, and Miami). Amidst a busy schedule of travelling, setting up a new training base, and finalizing sponsors, we caught up with Naeth for a few post-season questions.

1. Tell us about that final second place finish at Miami 70.3.

I felt I had a pretty good chance at the race, despite the course’s pancake-like layout (although I’d find out the run was anything but!). Of course it was frustrating to get second at the end but I’ve said all along that this year was really nothing more than a rebuild year. So, these 2nd places are victories in their own right. I’d just never expected six of them! When I look at in this sense, it is frustrating not to have won one.

2. How about your experience at 70.3 World’s?

Like Miami, this is a course that doesn’t suit me, but I wanted to test myself against a deeper field and gain more experience. I still feel like a rookie in this sport. Racing three half-Ironmans in six weeks is a new experience for me and I didn’t know what to expect come Clearwater. There, my usual lackluster swim and having been directed off course with fellow Canadian Melanie McQuaid put a damper on my goal of placing in the top 5. I was frustrated initially but have since come to realize that 2010 was a resounding success for me personally, regardless of a couple of bad experiences. If 2011 plays out in similar fashion, I’ll be more than content. Thankfully, World’s 70.3 heads to hillier terrain next year; I suspect I can raise my goals somewhat.

3. Why the success this year?

The biggest reason for success was following a program that worked for me and working with Chuckie V (Veylupek). We work daily together and this is crucial.

4. What will it take for you to convert those second’s to first’s?

Lots of swimming! And staying on the plan of training for future performances. Too many athletes get stuck on what they can achieve now when really they just need to put the time in.

5. What’s in the plans for 2011?

Continue racing 70.3 and half-ironman events. I’ll build toward the longer disciplines for 2012.

Find out more about Angela at her Website.